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Taurine: important in cat food

In contrast to many other animals, cats rely on a regular intake of taurine through their food. The following is about why it is so important and what effect it has on house tigers. Most types of cat food contain taurine - Image: Shutterstock / Erik Lam

Taurine is a natural amino acid that is found in animal protein, for example in muscle meat, heart, liver and marine animals. If the daily taurine requirement is met, important bodily functions are maintained, if there is a lack of it, various health problems can result.

Taurine and its effects in cats

Taurine plays an important role in metabolism, digestion and fertility in females. A sufficient need for taurine is particularly important for the function of the heart and eyes. Persistent amino acid deficiency can have a cat-like impact, including a poor immune system, hearing loss, infertility, blindness, or heart failure.

Important: intake through food

Cats can only form taurine from other amino acids in a very small amount. A lot of them are excreted daily with the digestion and therefore need a regular intake so that their need for taurine is met. Exactly how much you need depends on age, activity and many other factors.

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This is usually done through feeding - taurine is contained in common cat food types, but also in raw fresh meat. Dietary supplements that can be added if there is a lack of taurine are also available.