Most expensive cat breed in the world: origin of the Savannah

The elegant Savannah cat is not only one of the largest house tigers, it is also the most expensive cat breed in the world. This special cat was created by mating a domestic cat with a serval. For the beautiful Savannah you have to dig deep into your pocket - Image: Shutterstock / Lindasj22

Large and long-legged with a characteristic polka dot pattern, the Savannah cat already captivates with its unmistakable appearance. In addition, the Savannah is the most expensive cat breed - the beautiful house tigers can cost several thousand euros. There is a reason for this, because the cat breed, which was only established in the 1990s, was bred under very special conditions.

Siamese and Serval: The Origin of the Savannah Cat

The first Savannah cats were born in the USA in the 1980s as a cross between a Siamese cat and a serval - a medium-sized African wildcat species. The hangovers of the first generation of branches were sterile, so that domestic cat breeds such as the Bengal cat had to be crossed again so that today's Savannahs could arise.

At the end of the 1990s, these hybrid cats became increasingly popular, and in 2001 the Savannah cat was finally recognized by TICA as an independent breed. The Savannah breeding target are branch generations in which the cats look as similar as possible to the Serval, but it is still a room tiger with a friendly, balanced "suitable for home" temperament.

Why is the Savannah cat so expensive?

It is not without reason that the Savannah cat is considered the most expensive cat breed in the world. Since it is still a very young breed, there are not yet as many breedable specimens as other cats. Savannahs are also very expensive to breed - especially when crossbreeding servals that require a large outdoor enclosure and are not always willing to cover a domesticated cat.

Savannah cat: wilderness in the blood

The Savannah cat shows at first glance that its roots are in the wild.