Tips for the right dog trekking equipment

Dog trekking, i.e. long-distance hiking with the dog, is becoming increasingly popular in Germany as a sport and leisure activity. Proper dog trekking equipment is important. Well equipped, you and your four-legged friend can fully enjoy the trip. Here you can find out what nature should not be missing. Well equipped, walking with a dog becomes a perfect adventure - Shutterstock / Osadchaya Olga

Walking with the dog allows you to explore the landscape side by side with your fur nose; as a dog sport or simply as an activity in nature. It is important that you have the right equipment for your dog in addition to your normal hiking equipment such as a backpack, sleeping bag, flashlight, etc.

Dog trekking equipment: pulling harness and running belt

When it comes to dog trekking equipment, proper pulling gear and the right running belt are the most important things. Dog leashes are not enough in the wild. The dog harness is attached to a special running belt when hiking, which you have strapped around your waist as a master or mistress. So you have your hands free, for example for trekking horse mates.

You should get good advice in this regard from outdoor specialist retailers - those who save here will definitely save at the wrong end. Try on different running belts and make sure that they fit well. The same applies to your dog's pulling harness. We recommend an X-Back harness, for example, which distributes the load well and supports a healthy posture for your walking dog. Sufficient padding is fundamentally important - as with a backpack for humans, the pulling harness in dogs should be padded and reinforced, especially in the shoulder area.

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Dog shoes for on the go

Dog shoes from the outdoor specialist trade are a must in any good dog trekking equipment. On the one hand, you can temporarily put on your dog's booties should the terrain be very impassable and, for example, littered with pointed stones. On the other hand, the dog shoes help if your dog has injured his foot. They prevent dirt from getting into the wound and prevent the bandage from tearing.

This should not be missing in dog walking

In addition to pulling harnesses and running belts, you should definitely make sure that you have enough food and drink for you and your dog. Tip: If your dog is strong enough, you can think about carrying or packing bags for dogs - with these your hiking partner can transport his food himself.

Also important: a first aid kit and tick pliers. Those who are outside day and night run the risk of being infected by ticks. Also, you shouldn't hike without a flashlight if it suddenly gets dark. Get good advice on dog trekking equipment in the outdoor shop, especially as a beginner, before you lace up your hiking shoes. If you want to take part in an official dog trekking tournament, pay attention to the respective regulations for equipment.