Soft cat Nala likes to play with snowballs

Most cats can't stand snow and cold, but Nala is not like most cats. The video shows how much the fluffy mix of Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest Cat loves to play in the snow. The beauty of the thick fuzzy fur when the owners throw small snowballs at her is particularly exciting.

So lucky for sweet Nala that she lives with her family in Norway and it snows there in winter. At first there is only a little snow on the terrace, but the fluffy cat Nala is already looking through the door in anticipation. After all, their owners should come out quickly and play the funny snowball game with her. Later, when there is a lot of snow, Nala rejoices like a snow queen and tries to catch the snowballs that her favorite person gently throws at her. Too cute!

Winter fun with cats: cold is fun!