Naughty marten attacks football players

A marten uses the large stage of the soccer field to recommend himself for high-level tasks in football: In Switzerland, the difficult-to-catch animal stormed the field during a game - much to the delight of the audience.

As if the football scene did not already have enough problems with the so-called speedsters, who usually storm half-naked onto the soccer field to simply catch a little attention! Now a cheeky marten - clad only in fur - dared to storm a football pitch and interrupt the thrilling game between the Swiss teams FC Thun and FC Zurich. But that's not all: Apparently spurred on by the cheering audience, the funny marten no longer wanted to leave the square and cheerfully did his rounds.

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Player is bitten by the marten

After just under a minute, FC Zurich defender Loris Benito got too colorful and grabbed the marten by storming the animal in rugby style. The marten did not like that at all, he gave the player a strong bite in the hand and was able to escape. But even the "cheeky badger" had no chance against the goalkeeper David Da Costa of Zurich, armed with gloves. He was eventually caught and then brought back into the forest next to the stadium. It is said that he is fine. However, it is not known whether a lifelong stadium ban was pronounced.